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Natural Hormonal Balance & Menopause Supplement

  • Relieve Hot Flashes & Sweating

  • Calm Mood Swings & Irritability

  • Doctor-Formulated Vegan and Gluten-Free Blend*


•Dairy free 
•Gluten free 
•Free of Artificial Ingredients
•Vegan & Vegetarian
•Doctor-Formulated for Women, by Women



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Regain Your Spark for Life with Avlimil

When the word "hormones" is uttered, visions of raging menopausal women come to mind for most. Hormonal changes affect everyone from birth to death, yet we seem to have a very negative association with that word.

For most women, the most pronounced changes come in their 40s and 50s (menopause), but can been seen as early as their mid-20s. Many more women are having hormonal symptoms earlier, which has a lot to do with not only our lifestyle and diet, but also the pollution, toxins and xenoestrogens (synthetic chemicals that act as estrogen in our bodies) that we're exposed to every day. Taking Avlimil just once daily may:

  • Relieve Hot Flashes

  • Diminish Mood Swings

  • Alleviate Night Sweats

  • Reduce Irritability

  • Get Back in Control

  • Restore Your Sense of Well-Being

  • Induce a deep, restful night's sleep

Since Avlimil is a natural supplement, you’ll see benefits increase over time as the ingredients build up in your system. Most women take Avlimil for a full 90 days to experience the optimal benefits of the program. Regain your spark for life with Avlimi!*


Q: How do I take Avlimil?

A: Avlimil is taken once daily, just like a vitamin. Two capsules each day supplies you with a gentle blend of nutrients designed to restore your natural balance and vitality to relieve the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance and menopause including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and more.

Q: Does Avlimil contain hormones?

A: Avlimil contains no synthetic estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, or other steroid hormones.

Q: How does Avlimil compare to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

A: The great thing about Avlimil is that it is a gentle, natural supplement made with organic ingredients. Unlike HRT, Avlimil is not a drug and does not require a prescription or a visit to the doctor. It is also adaptogenic, which means your body uses only what it needs to restore its own natural hormonal balance. Your body can adapt Avlimil to your unique hormonal needs, resolving the hormonal imbalance that is causing your symptoms. Please keep in mind that HRT is a drug and like all drugs, HRT has known side effects, information on specific side effects is available from your doctor or the manufacturer's website.

Q: How does Avlimil Work?

A: Avlimil helps relieve many symptoms caused by fluctuating hormones, such as night sweats and hot flashes, without the use of steroids or drugs. Many women notice benefits in as little as 10 days, but since Avlimil is a natural supplement, results may occur gradually so please allow 60-90 days to evaluate the benefits.

Q: Will Avlimil improve my libido and sexual arousal?

A: Hormonal fluctuation can affect all aspects of your life – including your relationships. Every woman will respond differently, but with balanced hormones you should experience the restored vitality you need to pursue all your passions.

Q: Is Avlimil safe?

A: Avlimil is a natural supplement, made with organic ingredients and containing only those ingredients considered to be safe for on-going use without the likelihood of side effects. However, it is always possible, as with any food or supplement, that results may vary and every woman’s body responds differently, therefore we always recommend that you consult your doctor or healthcare provider before making changes to your healthcare regimen.

Avlimil Ingredients


NovaSoy® Soy Isoflavones

Avlimil provides potent soy isoflavones. If estrogen levels are low, these isoflavones are structurally similar to estrogen and help balance your body’s hormone levels. Isoflavones have been widely studied for their positive effects on hormonal balance, including reducing symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.

Black Cohosh.jpg

Black Cohosh Root

Black Cohosh is a rich source of natural compounds that is renowned for its long tradition as a beneficial herbal remedy for the relief of moderate to severe hormone imbalance and menopause systems related to the autonomic nervous system (e.g. hot flashes, sleeplessness, night sweats, dizziness, headaches). Black Cohosh is also commonly used to alleviate psychological symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance and menopause (e.g. irritability, anxiety). Black cohosh root contains a natural estrogen that is similar to human estrogen and has been used for stress, menstruation and menstrual cramps, and to support healthy estrogen levels in women.

Sage Leaf Adobe Sstock.jpeg

Organic Sage Leaf

Sage leaf has a long history for its use as a medicinal herb. Sage leaf may help relieve mental exhaustion and enhance the ability to concentrate. Refreshed and alert, women can enjoy the physical and emotional pleasures of an active lifestyle. Sage also contains estrogenic substances and contains an aromatic oil that makes it a powerful natural antiperspirant. This is especially useful in menopausal women plagued with sweating and hot flashes.

Red Raspberry Leaf adobe stock.jpeg

Organic Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaves contain Vitamin C, tannins and flavonoids. Traditionally, midwives and herbalists use Red Raspberry Leaf as a remedy for addressing some symptoms of hormonal imbalance and menopause. Additionally, they claim that Red Raspberry Leaf helps tone the ligaments of the uterus to ease childbirth and regulate menstrual flow. It may also help regulate erratic periods by acting as a uterine toner.


Organic Cayenne Pepper

A staple in spicy cuisine, the capsaicin in the fruit of cayenne peppers pack a hot taste, along with carotenoids, flavonoids, essential oils, and Vitamin C. Because of its high nutrient content and its warming properties, cayenne has long been hailed for promoting circulation and vitality, and for relieving hot flashes.

Lemon Balm Leaf Adobe Stock.jpeg

Organic Lemon Balm Leaf

Lemon Balm can improve digestion, ease abdominal cramping (even associated with PMS & menstrual cramps), and promote the overall digestive process. Lemon Balm is also said to soothe symptoms of stress, boost your mood, and help you relax. It is also a sleep aid. Combined with Valerian root, the two herbs deliver a calming synergy to induce a deep, restful night's sleep.

Ginger Root Powder Adobe Stock.jpeg

Organic Ginger Root

An old Indian proverb says, “Every good quality is contained in ginger.” Ginger has long played a lead role in cooking and healing in every corner of the world. It’s an antispasmodic that soothes smooth muscles, including the uterus – this explains why it’s been used by herbalists for menstrual cramps.


Organic Licorice Root

Traditional Chinese Medicine believed licorice root was a harmonizer that helped other ingredients work well together. Licorice has estrogen-like effects and has been found to reduce the number and duration of hot flashes as well as hormone therapy in postmenopausal women. It may also be useful in relieving the symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


Organic Valerian Root

The relaxing nature of Valerian Root can make it a smart choice for natural relief of menstrual cramps. It can reduce the severity and discomfort of menstrual cramps, which is a common problem for women who suffer monthly from PMS due to hormone imbalance. It’s a natural sedative and antispasmodic, which means it suppresses muscle spasms and acts as a natural muscle relaxer. Valerian root can effectively calm the severe uterine muscle contractions that cause the terrible pain many women experience during menstruation. By improving GABA levels, valerian makes it easier for both the mind and body to relax thereby improving sleep and helping to calm anxiety.


Organic Red Clover

We all know that a four-leaf clover is purported to be good luck, but when it comes to your health, you don't want to rely on chance. Over the past several decades, Red Clover has come to be known as an effective remedy for reducing hormone imbalance and menopause symptoms, improving bone mineral density, and lowering risk for cardiovascular problems. A recent study showed that on average, the women who received Red Clover had the frequency of hot flashes reduced by a third. And the hot flashes they did experience were significantly less intense, so they felt better during the day and could sleep properly at night. Last, but not least, they women's hormone levels and their loss of bone mass became stabilized.