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Regain Your Spark for Life with Avlimil

We heard your comments and we have taken your feedback very seriously. We want to thank you! We always strive to give you nothing but the very best, and that also means - the most effective formulas. You spoke and we have listened! Therefore, we have added the Damiana Leaf back into our Avlimil formula.

What does Damiana do?

Damiana leaf contains an essential oil, alkaloids, and tannins, and has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac. It is used to support hormone health, PMS symptoms, and symptoms associated with menopause. It is known to enhance sexual health and boost mental and physical stamina. *

When the word "hormones" is uttered, visions of raging menopausal women come to mind for most. Hormonal changes affect everyone from birth to death, yet we seem to have a very negative association with that word.

For most women, the most pronounced changes come in their 40s and 50s (menopause), but can been seen as early as their mid-20s. Many more women are having hormonal symptoms earlier, which has a lot to do with not only our lifestyle and diet, but also the pollution, toxins and xenoestrogens (synthetic chemicals that act as estrogen in our bodies) that we're exposed to every day. Taking Avlimil just once daily may:

  • Relieve Hot Flashes

  • Diminish Mood Swings

  • Alleviate Night Sweats

  • Reduce Irritability

  • Get Back in Control

  • Restore Your Sense of Well-Being

  • Induce a deep, restful night's sleep

Since Avlimil is a natural supplement, you’ll see benefits increase over time as the ingredients build up in your system. Most women take Avlimil for a full 90 days to experience the optimal benefits of the program. Regain your spark for life with Avlimi!*

Avlimil is:



Not Tested on Animals

Does NOT contain Artificial Colors or Preservatives 

WARNING: Avlimil contains black cohosh, which is not to be used while pregnant or nursing. If you are taking any medications, consult your health care provider before taking this product.


Q: How do I take Avlimil?

A: Avlimil is taken once daily, just like a vitamin. Two capsules each day supplies you with a gentle blend of nutrients designed to restore your natural balance and vitality to relieve the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance and menopause including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and more.

Q: Does Avlimil contain hormones?

A: Avlimil contains no synthetic estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, or other steroid hormones.

Q: How does Avlimil compare to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

A: The great thing about Avlimil is that it is a gentle, natural supplement made with organic ingredients. Unlike HRT, Avlimil is not a drug and does not require a prescription or a visit to the doctor. It is also adaptogenic, which means your body uses only what it needs to restore its own natural hormonal balance. Your body can adapt Avlimil to your unique hormonal needs, resolving the hormonal imbalance that is causing your symptoms. Please keep in mind that HRT is a drug and like all drugs, HRT has known side effects, information on specific side effects is available from your doctor or the manufacturer's website.

Q: How does Avlimil Work?

A: Avlimil helps relieve many symptoms caused by fluctuating hormones, such as night sweats and hot flashes, without the use of steroids or drugs. Many women notice benefits in as little as 10 days, but since Avlimil is a natural supplement, results may occur gradually so please allow 60-90 days to evaluate the benefits.

Q: Will Avlimil improve my libido and sexual arousal?

A: Hormonal fluctuation can affect all aspects of your life – including your relationships. Every woman will respond differently, but with balanced hormones you should experience the restored vitality you need to pursue all your passions.

Q: Is Avlimil safe?

A: Avlimil is a natural supplement, made with organic ingredients and containing only those ingredients considered to be safe for on-going use without the likelihood of side effects. However, it is always possible, as with any food or supplement, that results may vary and every woman’s body responds differently, therefore we always recommend that you consult your doctor or healthcare provider before making changes to your healthcare regimen.

I will continue to take to see it I get improvements.

Written by NayNay on 22nd Feb 2022

I have been taking this for 30 days and have only seen a slight difference for the better. I will continue to take to see it I get improvements.


Written by Vallie on 22nd Feb 2022

Definitely stops hot flashes and mood swings

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