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School has started, which means your busy schedule has started. Stay on track & feel energized with Altovis!*

Between work, making dinner, taking your children to and from practice, and doing laundry, it can be quite a busy day. Altovis is a great addition to your daily routine to keep you going strong all day naturally without the “crash” some other caffeine products may give - grab Altovis instead.* photo for Sorbera - adobe stock.jpeg

When the good bacteria in your intestine are weakened by lifestyle factors, stress, or a diet high in fat & processed foods, Sorbera may help keep your digestive system balanced & running smoothly.*

When your intestine and your gut are happy, you can rest easy knowing your body has the arsenal it needs to radiate health from the inside out. Try Sorbera today and reawaken your digestive health!*

Welcome To Vianda: Natural Supplements for healthy living

Vianda has one goal - to promote healthy living from within.

Vianda’s cornerstone rests on one belief - that the body has the amazing ability to heal itself when given the proper tools to do so. We believe that our bodies are our

foundation, and it is best to utilize the influence of our Earth’s given gifts, provided by God, and present in nature, to allow us to persevere and flourish in life. 

Vianda’s passion is creating top quality products that deliver results, improve lives, and impress our customers. For over 18 years, Vianda’s brands have been

trusted worldwide for their quality, effectiveness, and consistency in delivering real results.

Vianda | Advancing Wellness For Life.

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Our Roots

Vianda is a health and wellness company that offers premium natural vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements as well as other healthcare products. Since 2001, Vianda’s brands have been trusted worldwide for their quality, efficacy, and consistency in delivering real results.


Our supplements

Vianda’s most well-known brands include Enzyte, known for its Smiling Bob advertising campaigns for Natural Male Enhancement, Enzyte MRC for testosterone support, Avlimil for menopause and women’s health, Rudofil for natural joint comfort, and Ogoplex for prostate health.


our mission

VIANDA Improves Life : Enhancing the health and overall quality of life, Vianda’s brands are formulated with clinically-tested ingredients that supplement the mind and body and enrich our modern lifestyles.

VIANDA Conserves Life : Driving innovation to offer healthy alternatives that are derived from nature’s rich resources, discouraging the use of unnatural products, to protect life in our world.

VIANDA Inspires Life : Enriching the lives of our employees and our partners through nationally recognized brands that give back to the community around us.